What is Exploring?

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Exploring is a unique career exploration program for young men and women ages 14-20. It provides students with an opportunity to learn about a wide variety of career fields and network with professionals already working in those fields. You get hands-on experience to determine whether or not a particular career field is right for you. You develop valuable networking contacts with professionals working in your selected career fields, and you get to know other teenagers and young adults sharing your same interests and aspirations. Exploring can be the first step in identifying career possibilities while having fun in an exciting and informal environment. 

-Exploring Fact Sheet

-Accident/Insurance Plan

Exploring Post 
Vatterott College
September 28th

Join us on September 28th to learn about what Exploring is all about! This open house will give you the opportunity to learn what Exploring is all about and meet some fellow Explorers. This is an event you don't want to miss!

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Student Benefits of Exploring

•Character Development 
• Build self-confidence 
• Leadership development 
• Social development 
• Unique career experiences, networking & internships 
• Volunteer community service 
• Group collaboration and teamwork 

Most Career Exploring programs align with the high school calendar and begin in the fall, while some also offer summer activities, conferences, internships and other events. Most meet once or twice a month throughout the school year.

For more information on how to join a career post or to find out which career post is near your school contact your the Springfield Scout Service Center at (417) 883-1636.