Welcome to the Frontier District!

Welcome to Frontier, serving the north central part of the Ozark Trails Council. We are always looking for great volunteers to serve on our District Committee, and have excellent opportunities for you to help serve in. So whether you are all about Advancement, or maybe Training is your trigger, or Camping is cool, or possibly Community Service is your commitment, or helping others be successful…whatever drives you, let us know; we’d love to have you on board!
Join us for our monthly Committee Meeting immediately following Roundtable each month, or send David Pomerenke an email and let him know you would like more information!

If your unit has specific training needs, contact Neisha Rogers: juscritters@gmail.com
Need an Eagle Board of Review? Rose Hillhouse is your first contact: Rose.Hillhouse@yahoo.com

We look forward to helping you make everyone’s Scouting experience a success. We will see you at our Monthly Roundtable, Commissioner Meeting, and District Committee Meeting! Currently, the Commissioner Meeting is at 6pm, the Roundtable is at 6:30pm, and the Distract Committee Meeting is at 7:30pm the first Thursday of each month. We meet at The Buffalo Administrative Building located at 1323 South Ash Street in Buffalo, MO!

Help be a part of something great! We are gathering a group of Eagle Scouts to be a part of a new exhibit in the Scouting Museum!

Click here for more information!

Woodbadge C5-306-18

This will be an adult leadership training opportunity. We are challenging each Unit to send at least one volunteer to this event! There are scholarships available for those who need it. This is a great training that will support you as a BSA volunteer! 

Merit Badge Counselor Renewal

You can renew your Merit Badge Counselor credentials here!

Service Hours Reporting
December 31st

Be sure to log all of your service hours from your Unit for 2017 by Decemebr 31st for them to be counted!


Be sure you are checking your Invitation Manager in my.scouting.org regularly so that you aren't missing any Scouts waiting to join your Unit!



Be sure you are thinking up new and exciting ways to keep your Scouts engaged and coming back year after year!


Bobcat Ranks

This is an important milestone for Cubs to reach and we want to make sure we are emphasizing the importance of it! 
You could do a "Bobcat Ceremony" to add some excitement to the event!

Unit Leader Recognition

Be sure you let your volunteers know how important they are through simple and meaningful gestures is a great way to keep them involved and excited! 
A simple "Thank You", funny gift, or even a card are all great ways to say "You are appreciated" throughout the year. 



This is hosted by Troop 78 in Stockton. Wood to build sleds will be given on location, and during the campfire on Saturday they will burn the sleds they made. Webelos I and IIs can attend the Saturday of the event, January 20th. 



Click here for all of the details!

Friends of Scouting Family

You will each be contacted soon by Nancy Klotz to set up a date for your annual FOS presentation for your Unit. 

Events and Reminders

Ethan Giving Tree
November 16th

Sign ups are due at the Scout shop!

$700 Club Forms Due
November 22nd

Giving Tuesday
November 28th

$700 Club Cub Scout Day
December 2nd

This will be at either 8-11am or 11pm-6am, your choice!

Blue & Gold Banquet and Recharter Turn In
December 7th

Bring a dish and all of your recharter information!

$700 Club Boy Scout Day
December 9th

This will be from 11pm-6am!

Trainer's EDGE
December 9th

Service Hours Turn In
December 31st

MBC & SNM Renew
December 31st

This is OUR District! Let's have FUN!