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2018 Tribal Feast

Bring a troop contingent of Tribesmen and Tribeswomen to the 2018 Lone Bear Tribal Feast on May 19! Join us to kick off another summer at Camp Arrowhead.  This is a meaningful day of fun, service, and ceremony. You will want to be there!

Registration Form for Spring 2018 Tribal Feast

Tribal Council Nomination Form

This form must be submitted by March 1 each year for consideration by the Council of Chieftains before the Tribal Feast in May.

Youth and Adult Nomination Forms

These forms (Password protected - Contact Us for access) should be completed by the Unit Committee before the unit goes to Camp Arrowhead.  The Camp Scoutmaster should turn them in to the Tribe of Lone Bear staff on Sunday afternoon when unit arrives at camp.

2018 Tribe of Lone Bear Call Nights and Ceremonies
Dog Soldier Application
Coup of the Long Trail Instructions

Tribe of Lone Bear Coups

A Tribesman’s lanyard carries recognitions and achievements presented as “coups.” It creates a personal story, showing what a Tribesman or Tribeswoman has accomplished with his or her life and Scouting career.  Coups are awarded in pairs and each side of a lanyard carries an identical collection of coups as the other side.


Coveted Coup represents a year of service to Scouting.  The coup may be first earned one year after elevation to Warrior, Honorary Warrior or Honored Woman.  It’s a spherical bead of color, or clear, except gold or silver, by choice of individual.
Staff Coup is awarded to members of the Camp Staff who served at least three full sessions at Camp Arrowhead.  It is awarded only once and only one set is worn on a lanyard. It is the only coup that may be worn with a brave pouch. It’s a cubic coup of any color.
Religious Award Coup is awarded to those who earned a Religious Award as a Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, Explorer, Venturer, or adult. This coup is awarded only once and only one set is worn on a lanyard. It’s a cylindrical coup in three bands: purple, white, and purple.
Eagle Scout Coup is awarded to all Eagle Scouts.  It is awarded only once to those who are Eagle Scouts.  It’s a cylindrical coup in three bands: red, clear, and red.
Dancer Coup is awarded once to dancers who meet Tribal attire and ceremonial dancing requirements. It’s a clear tapered cylindrical coup with two burgundy bands and a yellow center.
Order of the Arrow Coup is awarded to any tribesman who is a Brotherhood or Vigil member of the Order of the Arrow.  It’s awarded once and only one set is worn on a lanyard.  It is cylindrical with three bands:  red, white, and red.
Scoutmaster Coup recognizes Tribesmen and Tribeswomen who served as Camp Scoutmaster for one full session.  It’s awarded once and only one set is worn on a lanyard.  It’s a cylindrical coup in three bands: green, white, and green.
Coup of the Long Trail recognizes Tribesmen and Tribeswomen who share the spirit of Friendship and Warmth outside our council. Tribesmen earn this coup by attending an approved event such as a National Jamboree or participating in a Scouting high adventure atPhilmont Scout Ranch, Florida Sea Base, Summit-Bechtel Reserve, or Northern Tier Canoe Base.  Tribesmen may earn this coup as a Brave and then receive the coup when they advance to Warrior. In order to be eligible for this coup, a Tribesman or Tribeswoman must meet with a Medicine Man prior to going on the trip.  It is awarded once and only one set is worn on a lanyard.  It is a tapered cylindrical coup: clear with green center.
Military Service Coup is given to all Tribesmen who have served in any branch of the U.S. military service.  It is awarded once and only one set is worn on a lanyard.  It is cylindrical with three bands: red, white, and blue (top).
Silver Coup is the highest recognition given by the Council of Chieftains. It goes to a Tribesman or Tribeswoman for special merit and outstanding service to Lone Bear, Camp Arrowhead and toScouting.  This is a special one-time award for Tribesmen and Tribeswomen who serve unselfishly. It’s a spherical coup made of silver. Recipients of the Silver Coup are listed on the Silver Coup page. [Link to page labeled LB web Silver Coups]
Founders Coup is for attending the Founding Ceremony on July 11, 2000, or a Lone Bear ceremony in 2001.  It is a turquoise bead with a special design.
Veteran Staff Coup was awarded in the early 2000s to Camp Arrowhead staff members for service before the founding of the Tribe of Lone Bear.  It is cylindrical with a white and black design and each coup had a number for that Tribesman’s years of service on staff before 2001.
Chieftain Lone Bear Princess Coup is worn by some Tribesmen and Tribeswomen in place of a coveted coup for 2009 in honor of Jimmy Bartle Taylor, daughter of Mic-O-Say founder H. Roe Bartle, Chief Lone Bear.  Mrs. Taylor, who lived in Fort Worth, Texas, often attended Tribe of Lone Bear ceremonies and was an honorary chieftain of Lone Bear from 2002 until her death on July 4, 2008.  It is spherical and purple, Mrs. Taylor’s favorite color.

Silver Coup

Silver Coups are the highest honor given in the Tribe of Lone Bear.  The Council of Chieftains presents them to special Tribesmen, at the group’s discretion, for exceptional service to our Tribe and Camp Arrowhead.

  • -Shirley Scott, Keeper of the Wampum Warm Smiling Sunshine (2006)
  • -Pat Scott, Keeper of the Wampum Little Lingering Thundercloud (2006)
  • -Frank Carlile, Medicine Man Bobwhite Singing in the Oaks (2013)
  • -Ron Hurley, Sagamore Big Drifting Eagle (2015)

Dog Soldier
Strengthened by an Eagle's Claw

Tribesmen and Tribeswomen,grasp your claws and think about younger and weaker people who look to you for leadership and guidance.  Think of the sweetness of the trails of Camp Arrowhead and great friendships your camp has brought you. Think of She-She-Be Council Ring and Lone Bear Council Ring. Think about tomorrow. And, if the trails of life have taken you far from your beloved camp - except in spirit - look into your heart and feel the strength of the eagle's claw from moons gone by.

Whatever your place in the inner circle, you can become a Dog Soldier of Lone Bear.  It’s a way to symbolically raise a shield of financial strength to protect the tribe.
The Lone Bear Dog Soldier stands as a special protector of his Tribe. You may join this clan with cumulative gifts of $500 to the Lone Bear Trust Fund.  You may give that amount all at once or may make minimum annual contributions of $50.

The Dog Soldier Clan protects the Tribe from harm and assures its strong futurethrough financial stability.The interest earned from this permanent fund is used to improve the camping experience at Camp Arrowhead. The principle is left to grow strong.

In the past, the tribe has contributed to camp projects, including helping to fund the rope swing at Lake Arrowhead and by purchasing a sewing machine that can be used to repair the camp’s tents.  The tribe also paid for needed repairs and renovations at Osage Lodge, which houses the tribe’s Big Drifting Eagle Trading Post.

The Dog Soldier commitment is for Tribesmen over age 21 only.  We ask Tribesmen under 21 to support our Tribe through their annual self-denial offerings. Tribesmen are not eligible for Dog Soldier participation until they reach the age of 21.

Your Dog Soldier commitment says "The Tribe of Lone Bear means much to me and I want to help others have the same opportunity."

Dog Soldiers are honored at our ceremony on Saturday night at our Tribal Feast each spring.  Those who have completed their $500 commitment receive a special woven green and black sash that can be worn with their tribal attire.  There will be no other Dog Soldier recognition during the summer.
If you are interested in becoming a Dog Soldier in the Tribe of Lone Bear, download an application.  Once you have fulfilled your $500 commitment, your name will be added to the list of Lone Bear Dog Soldiers.

See a Current List of Dog Soldier Members

Change of Information

It is important for the Tribe of Lone Bear to have up-to-date information on each Tribesman and Tribeswoman so the Tribe can more effectively communicate and ensure tribal records are accurate when there are multiple tribesmen with the same given name. This is especially helpful when identifying tribesmen to recognize for a memorial service at our annual Tribal Feast.

There are now three ways you can submit an update for your personal information (address, phone, email, birth date, BSA national member id, and units to which you have belonged). You can submit your information with an email to the Recording Medicine Man or a letter to the Recording Medicine Man.

If you want to send an email or mail an address correction or update, then please send the following information:

  • -Name
  • -Tribal name
  • -Unit number when you entered the Tribe
  • -Current Troop
  • -Any other Troop you have been registered with while a Tribesman or Tribeswoman
  • -Old address
  • -New address
  • -Home Phone
  • -Mobile Phone
  • -Work Phone
  • -Primary Email Address
  • -Secondary Email Address
  • -Date of Birth
  • -BSA National Member ID

 This may be sent via e-mail to the Recording Medicine Man or to the following address:

Recording Medicine Man
Tribe of Lone Bear
Ozark Trails Council, B.S.A.
1616 S. Eastgate Ave.
Springfield, MO 65809