Ranks and Responsibilities

The Tribe of Lone Bear has two ranks:  Braves and Warriors/Honored Women.  Warriors who entered the Tribe as Braves before their 18th birthday are Hardway Warriors.  Honorary Warriors and Honored Women entered the Tribe after their 18th birthdays.

Hardway Warriors may earn Working Paint responsibilities up to their 21st birthdays by continuing to provide service and leadership in Scouting.  Here is the order in which those responsibilities are earned.
Firebuilders (Orange paint) build and tend fires for tribal ceremonies in Camp Arrowhead General Council Ring, She-She-Be Council Ring, and Lone Bear Council Ring.
Tom-Tom Beaters (Green paint) beat the drums that send forth the calls that bring Tribesmen to ceremonies, provide excitement and spark to Call Nights and ceremonies, and accompany the Called Warriors’ Dance of the Long Trail.
Runners (Blue paint) serve as messengers and escorts, and make sure Called Braves and Called Foxmen get where they are going on time.
Keepers of the Sacred Bundle (Yellow paint) keep the Customs and Traditions of the Tribe, and provide instructions on them to new Tribesmen and Tribeswomen.
Shaman (Purple paint) aid the Tribal Council and, in doing so, prepare themselves for this future responsibility.

Tribesmen and Tribeswomen over age 21 may be called to serve on the Tribal Council (white paint). The four responsibilities of Tribal Council, in the order in which one advances through them, are SachemKeeper of the WampumSagamore, and Medicine Man. Sagmores and Medicine Men also serve on the She-She-Be Council, which rules on requests for exceptions to tribal membership requirements.  Tribal Council members carry out and endorse the policies of the Council of Chieftains.

The Council of Chieftains includes the Chief, who is the Council Scout Executive, and the Chieftains.They all wear Red paint and a necklace of 24 eagle claws in ceremonies. It is their duty to establish the policies of the Tribe of Mic-O-Say.  The Council also decides who will be on the Tribal Council and when Tribal Council members advance to new responsibilities. The Presiding Chieftain presides at Ceremonials and Council of Chieftains meetings.