The Camp Arrowhead Ranger Corps are a group of dedicated volunteers who love Camp Arrowhead and help us to maintain a great camp for our Scouts, Volunteers, and Visitors. They work year-round on various projects from clearing trail to building a cabin or new shelter, and everything in between.
You name it, they can fix it!

Interested in being a member of the Camp Ranger Corps?
Contact a Ranger Staff member to find out how you can get involved.

Ranger Corps Co-Chair: Tim Havens (
Ranger Corps Co-Chair: Kevin Lindsay (
Camp Ranger: Josh Smith (

Current Projects at Camp Arrowhead

Here's what we're currently working on at Arrowhead.

See a project that interests you? Send us an email to find out how to get involved!

New Parking Lot Gates
Trading Post Pavilion Area
Foster Lodge Improvements
Trash Can Boxes
Fishing Building - Lakefront
New Staff Cabins - Ongoing
Build Canoe Racks - Lakefront
Mountain Biking Trails
Shooting Sports Area Repairs
Council Ring Improvements
Fish Habitat - Lakefront
Painting - Boathouse
Parking Lot Fence
Overflow Parking Area
Foster Lodge Landscaping
Campsite Pavilion-NihKaGaHah
Campsite Pavilion-Creek
Campsite Pavilion-Wyandotte
Campsite Pavilion-Seminole
Campsite Pavilion-Seneca
Campsite Pavilion-Cherokee
Campsite Pavilion-Pawnee
Campsite Pavilion-Kickapoo
Program Shelter-High COPE