The Camp Arrowhead Ranger Corps are a group of dedicated volunteers who love Camp Arrowhead and help us to maintain a great camp for our Scouts, Volunteers, and Visitors. They work year-round on various projects from clearing trail to building a cabin or new shelter, and everything in between.
You name it, they can fix it!

Interested in being a member of the Camp Ranger Corps?
Contact a Ranger Staff member to find out how you can get involved.

Ranger Corps Co-Chair: Tim Havens (
Ranger Corps Co-Chair: Kevin Lindsay (
Camp Ranger: Josh Smith (

Current Projects at Camp Arrowhead

Here's what we're currently working on at Arrowhead.

See a project that interests you? Send us an email to find out how to get involved!

  • New Staff Cabin Renovations
  • Cook's Cabin Renovations
  • Painting Quartermaster Shop Building
  • New Fishing Dock Construction
  • New Boat Dock Construction
  • Fishing Education Building - Lake Osage
  • Campsite Shelter Construction - Machque
  • Campsite Shelter Construction - Shawnee
  • Campsite Shelter Construction - Old Pioneer
  • Campsite Shelter Construction - Choctaw
  • Campsite Shelter Construction - Dakota
  • Campsite Shelter Construction - Delaware
  • Program Shelter Construction - Scoutcraft Area
  • Program Shelter Construction - Trailblazer Area
  • Program Shelter Construction - Rifle Range
  • Program Shelter Construction - Shotgun Range
  • Program Shelter Construction - Archery Range
  • Trading Post Renovations
  • Director's Cabin Renovations
  • Mountain Bike Trails - Continuing Project
  • Audio/Visual Equipment Additions - Dining Hall
  • New Parking Lot Gates
  • Fish Habitat for Lake Osage