District Leadership

District Chairman - LeRoy Maurer mailto:leroy.maurer@us.army.mil  

District Vice Chairman - OPEN

District Commissioner – Steve Jackson mailto:jackson.scouting@gmail.com  
    (A) Assistant DC – Jeffrey Griffin mailto: jgriffin@brewerscience.com  
    (B) Assistant DC West – OPEN 
    (C) Assistant DC South – OPEN 
    (D) Youth Protection ADC – OPEN 
    (E) Unit Commissioners Click Here

District Membership Chair - OPEN 
    (A) School Night Coordinator - OPEN 
    (B) New Unit organizer – OPEN 
    (C) East Membership – OPEN 
    (D) West Membership – OPEN 
    (E) Webelos Transition – OPEN

District Finance Chair - Scott Erickson scerickson@yahoo.com  
    (A) Phelps County Chairman - Terry Harris, FCNB Financial – tharris@fcnb.com  
         Phelps County Co-Chairman – Sam LaPresta, Skamol Americas, Inc. – sjl@skamol.dk  
    (B) Pulaski County Chairman – OPEN 
    (C) Dent/Texas County Chairman – OPEN 
    (D) Family FOS Chairman – Mark Perkins, FCNB – mperkins@fcnb.com 
    (E) Popcorn Kernel - Amy Asberry, - tasberry@embarqmail.com  
            a. Assistant Popcorn Kernel (East) – OPEN 
            b. Assistant Popcorn Kernel (West) – OPEN

Nominating Committee Chair - James Turner  jhturner@fidnet.com
- Paul Hirtz - hirtz@mst.edu  
- Bill Moorkamp - bmoorkamp@gmail.com  
- Michael Spangler - m-spangler@live.com  
- Josh Deavors – Josh.deavors@cbon.com  

District Program Chair – OPEN

(A) District Activities Chair – Michael Spangler m-spangler@live.com  
        Annual District Dinner – Stephanie Jackson stjacksonqx@gmail.com  
        Camporee Spring - Order of the Arrow bippesfamily@gmail.com  
        Camporee Fall - Order of the Arrow bippesfamily@gmail.com  
        Day Camp - Nadine Albrecht rivertrailsdaycamp@gmail.com  
        Pinewood Derby - Pack 149, FLW Henry Muse, henry.d.muse.civ@mail.mil  
        Scouting for Food- Maria Bippes bippesfamily@gmail.com  
        Community Promotion’s - Michelle Mitchell huettmichelle@aol.com 
        Webmaster/Facebook - OPEN

(B) District Advancement Chair – Casey Morris - caseyjr45@yahoo.com  
        Cub Scout Advancement – Lila Kolker kolkerl@mst.edu  
        Boy Scout Advancement - OPEN 
        District Award of Merit – Jim Turner jhturner@fidnet.com  
        Silver Beaver Award – Jim Turner jhturner@fidnet.com  
        Eagle Advancement Chair – Don Bigelow 306 Keeth Rd. Crocker MO 65452 
        Merit Badge University Dean - OPEN 
        Religious Relations- Jeffrey Griffin mailto: jgriffin@brewerscience.com  

(C) District Training Chair – OPEN 
        Cub Scout Training/Roundtable Chair – Lila Kolker kolkerl@mst.edu  
        Boy Scout Training/Roundtable Chair – Daniel Barnes dangolfb@yahoo.com  
        Venturing/Varsity Training/Roundtable Chair Clovis Kell c.kell@tacony.com  

(D) District Conservation Chair - Duane Martin drm13eagle@embarqmail.com 

(E) District Camping Chair - Stephanie Jackson stjacksonqx@gmail.com  
     District Order of the Arrow Chapter Advisor – Maria Bippes bippesfamily@gmail.com  
             - Asst. Chapter Advisor (West) – Willis Asberry tasberry@embarqmail.com  
             - Asst. Chapter Advisor (West) – Ken Bohannan kbohannan1962@gmail.com  
     District Order of the Arrow Chapter Chief - Matthew Bippes bippesfamily@gmail.com  
     District Range Officer - OPEN

(F) District Religious Relations - Jeffrey Griffin mailto: jgriffin@brewerscience.com  

(G) District Venturing/Varsity Chair – Clovis Kell mailto: c.kell@tacony.com  

District Executive - Cheryl Bohannan cheryl.bohannan@scouting.org  Ph.: 573-855-9536