Who to contact in NKGH?

District Key 3
District Director: OPEN
District Chairman: Brandon Davis
District Commissioner: Richard Sapp or 417-850-8693

District Program Chair: VACANT
(Program Committee) District Activities and Civic Service Chair: Jim Judd 

(Program Committee) District Advancement Chair-Debbie Cash cashd65@gmail.com or 417-437-0938

MB Counselor Lists: Kevin Butler: kevinb@technologist.com  or 417-455-0552
Jasper/Newton County Eagle Boards of Review: Alan Cash: caberman@jscomm.net or (417) 437-6863
Lawrence County Eagle Boards of Review: Cathy Kienenberger:
ckienenberger@att.net or 417-258-2706
Barry County Eagle Boards of Review: Jim Craig:
goldensky_52@yahoo.com or 417-847-2937
McDonald County Eagle Boards of Review: Susan Philliber: Whisperinglily@sbcglobal.net or 417-389-0614
General Advancement Assistance: Theresa Bartholet:
francisbartholet@sbcglobal.net or 417-781-7622

(Program Committee) District Camping and Outdoor Promotions Chair: Melvin Bowman
Order of the Arrow Adviser-Bob Courtney 
(Program Committee) District Training Chair: Gary McKinney
(Program Committee) Conservation Chair: Krista Judd

(Program Committee) District Venturing Officers Assoc. Vacant
District Finance: Ryan Stanley

District Friends of Scouting Chair: Vacant
District Popcorn Kernels: Eric DeGruson and Dan Weibel
District Membership Chair:  John Riediger
Exploring Chairman: Eric Reisinger
Roundtable Chair: Julie Hilton