Who to contact in NKGH?

District Key 3
District Director: Bryon Haverstick or 417-770-6100 
District Chairman: Brandon Davis
District Commissioner: Richard Sapp or 417-850-8693

District Program Chair: VACANT
(Program Committee) District Activities and Civic Service Chair: Jim Judd 

(Program Committee) District Advancement Chair (Newton and McDonald County Eagles): VACANT

MB Counselor Lists: Kevin Butler: kevinb@technologist.com  or 417-455-0552
Jasper County Eagle Boards of Review: Rikki Smith:
JasCoEagles@hotmail.com or 417-629-4914
Lawrence County Eagle Boards of Review: Cathy Kienenberger:
ckienenberger@att.net or 417-258-2706
Barry County Eagle Boards of Review: Jim Craig:
goldensky_52@yahoo.com or 417-847-2937
General Advancement Assistance: Theresa Bartholet:
francisbartholet@sbcglobal.net or 417-781-7622

(Program Committee) District Camping and Outdoor Promotions Chair: Melvin Bowman
Order of the Arrow Adviser-Bob Courtney  
(Program Committee) District Training Chair: Gary McKinney
(Program Committee) Conservation Chair: Krista Judd

(Program Committee) District Venturing Officers Assoc. Vacant
District Finance: Ryan Stanley

District Friends of Scouting Chair: Vacant
District Popcorn Kernels: Eric DeGruson, Dan Weibel, Nikki Kennedy, and Chris Cable

District Membership Chair:  John Riediger
Exploring Chairman: Eric Reisinger
Roundtable Chair: Julie Hilton

The list of all of NKGH Unit Leaders of all of our Packs, Troops, Teams, Crews, and Posts will be posted after the new year with changes from re-chartering reflected.