On Oct. 17, the BSA’s Executive Board approved a resolution to use the Scout Oath and Scout Law in the Cub Scout and Venturing programs. Specifically, the changes approved are as follows:

Cub Scouts:

  • Adopt the Scout Oath and Scout Law for use in the Cub Scout program, retiring the Cub Scout Promise.
  • Revise the Core Values of Cub Scouts to align exactly with the 12 points of the Scout Law.
  • Retire the Law of the Pack, while maintaining the concept of “Akela” as leader.
  • Maintain the current Cub Scout motto, sign, salute, and handshake.


  • Retire the Venturing Oath, Code, sign, and salute .
  • Adopt the Scout Oath, Scout Law, Scout sign, and Scout salute.
  • Engage the task force and National Youth Cabinet to determine whether Venturing should have a differentiating motto/slogan or adopt “Be Prepared.”

These changes will become effective with the release of youth handbooks and leader aids supporting this and other changes related to Strategic Plan Goal 411, approximately Jan. 1, 2014, for Venturing-related changes and May 15, 2015, for Cub Scout- and Boy Scout-related changes. 

(Download the official Resolution)

(Download common Questions & Answers concerning the change)